How to put together a IIFS LBE

Step 1, Size the belt

The first step is to size the belt to your Mk1 Gut LOL. You want the belt semi tight but not too tight. And for IIFS use you perhaps want it a little looser then you would for use with the ALICE suspenders. With IIFS since your probably never going to use the wire hook connectors with this system so the symetrical adjustment isn't really important, just get it sized. All the belts work just as well as the others in this system, but by the point of this system, only the black buckle belt was used for the most part, and your going to want it to keep the buckle in the belt matching the vest.

Step 2, Adjust the Vest

All three IIFS vests adjust the same, and adjusting it reminds me of a dang woman's corset! You need to adjust the corset like strings and straps up front so it fitst comfortably and so the pannels are symetrical. The adjust the vertical shoulder pad adjustments so that they are comfortable and the yoke in the back is not pushing into your neck.

Step 3, Attach the belt

Now lay the vest flat with the outside facing up and open all the belt loops. Slip the belt into all of them and fold and snap/velcro the belt into each one. You can now attach what ever other pouches you wish. NOTE: The grenade pouches on the front block some of the belt in front. Also remember that if your using the Alice ruck, or if your lucky enough to have found the IIFS internal frame pack, that the hip pad for the pack will block most of the rear part of the belt. If your using the IIFS buttpack you can balance things out a little better.

Step 4, Optional, Attaching the IIFS Butt Pack

Now this has to be the least documented thing in the entire army. It took me ages to figure this out but here you are. The butt pack is esentially a M1967 buttpack (has the same NSN) with the clips missing. To attach it to the IIFS vest you first open the back two belt velcro snaps and feed them thru the buttpack where the Alice clips would have been. Then you use the straps to strap the all the sets of plastic rings together. It's hard to explain but the pictures are worth a thousand words!


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