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These are an asortment of older speced leather holsters for pistols, magazines, and various tools that were used well into the nylon age.

M14 Holster, Pistol, Hip RH 1095-01-338-4770 and 1095-01-338-4771 LH

Hip holster for the M11 compact pistol. It fits up to a standard 1.75inch garison belt.


DOUBLE-STITCHED, BLACK LEATHER, VERTICAL MOUNT, SINGLE MAGAZINE AMMUNITION POCKET WITH A SNAP FLAP AND FIT ONA 1.750 INCH WIDE BELT. Companion to the holsters for the M11 pistol above. (RH 1095-01-338-4770 and 1095-01-338-4771 LH) This fits one M11 magazine.

Holster, Pistol for M9, Hip RH 1095-01-211-7962 and 1095-01-212-9200 LH

Old school leather garison holsters for the Beretta M9 pistol


Magazine Pouch, Single 1095-01-212-4000

This is the companion mag pouch for the holsters above. (Hip RH 1095-01-211-7962 and 1095-01-212-9200 LH)

M7/M9 Shoulder Holster 1095-00-973-2353

Modified M7 holster made to fit the M9 Beretta pistol

Signal Corps Tool Carrier 5140-00-498-8898

Another item that stuck around for a long time, unchanged for the most part. This was the issue signal corps linesman tool kit. They would use this to work on the phone wires. It was also used outside the signal corps to deal with the wires to set charges. I have seen a contract date as late as 1989 for this item but it was used from WWII into the 90s. It holds a pocket knife for striping and dealing with wires, as well as a set of snips for cutting them.

M1916 Holster 1095-00-592-6491

This is by far the oldest speced item listed on the site. However they made these right into the 80s in cool black leather. Still with the cool leather civil war like US "Belt buckle" on the holster. This is of course the holster for the famous M1911A1 45 ACP pistol.

S&W Revolver Victory (Model 10) Holster 1095-00-973-0521

This is for the various Smith and Wesson Model 10s being used in various services. This holster fits various barrel lengths including 2 inch, 4 inch, and 5 inch barrels

S&W Revolver Ammunition Case 1095-00-491-8487

This is the matching ammunition pouch for the above holster.

S&W Revolver GUU-1/P (Model 15) Holster and Ammunition Pouch set 1095-00-973-0521

This is for another S&W revolver adopted by the Air Force in the 60s


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