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These are items that are not part of any of the systems, some are radio items, or whatever. But they have the slider clips or Bianchi clips and are meant to clip onto a pistol belt.

Case Small Arms 200 Round "SAW POUCH" 8465-01-157-4834

Now most of us won't be humping around machine gun belts, But this is one super usefull pouch. It's a nice catch all pouch for whatever. In the Alice format it can be harder to find as it came along very late in the life of Alice. Many of these were used with the ALICE to MOLLE adapter, but still the MOLLE version is much more common. These are HUGE. They will hold five plus M14 mags!

3 day training butpack 8465-00-935-6825

Despite the fact that the "butt pack" was to be replaced with the larger existence packs, the old style butt pack hung around for some time in ALICE as a 3 day training pack. These retain the loops for the M1967 H suspenders. it retains the same NSN as with the M1967 field pack.

9mm magazine pouch 8465-01-207-5573

Holds one 9mm magazine for the M9 Pistol. Also good for holding a folding pocket knife. Works for M1911A1 magazines too

M1956 Double Magazine Pouch 8465-00-782-2239

Holds two M1911A1 pistol mags, also holds two 9mm magazines. This is here because even though it's Canvas, it was used well into the Nylon era. I have personaly seen a 1989 contract date for this item.

Case, Shotgun, Ammunition 8465-00-261-6944

These are common in canvas with belt loops, However in Nylon with the M1956 clips they are rarer then all get out. Nice if you can find it.

M16 30 round Magazine Pouch NSN 8465-00-464-2084

The USMC adopted this mag pouch in and around 1971. It has two layers of flaps, the normal one and then each indivdual mag has it's own cover. These can be found somewhat cheaply but the flaps can be a pain. There is some debate if this pouch was from the aborted LINCOE program.

Nylon Duck M14 Magazine Pouch NSN 8465-00-860-0259

This pouch has no gernade straps, and no internal divders, it holds two M14 mags. This is another one that causes a lot of debate. Some say it's a Navy contract, others say it was a USMC contract. The USMC was seen using these pouches, but they easily could have been "liberated" from Navy stocks. This one is a bit of an expensive collectible.

2 Quart Canteen cover, Olive Drab, 8465-00-927-7485
2 Quart Canteen cover, Desert Tan, 8465-01-013-4877
2 Quart Canteen cover, Desert Tan, 8465-01-118-8175

This is the canteen cover for the 2qt canteen. (The third type actually) The Canteen sits inside at a 45 degree angle with the cap poking out the corner. This of all the Alice items is the one most found in Desert Tan. Like the 1qt it has a pouch for water treatment tablets. Due to the size it's sometimes hard to find space on your belt so a strap is provided. You can often times attach the canteen to the Rucksacks and loop the strap around the pack to hold it on. I find that two 1qts balance better, but this does hold a lot of water. So I do sometimes use it. I find that I can balance it up atop my ammo pouches with the strap around my shoulder and it helps balance out the weight of a heavy butt pack.

2 Quart Canteen cover, Olive Drab, 8465-00-889-3769

The second atempt at a 2 quart. (The first had just a strap, and is beyond the sites scope having no Alice clips) More of a collectible now as it was rather easy to acidently poke a damn hole in the bladder this was designed to carry. It is a bit bulky too.

IFAK KIT (First Aid Kit) 6545-01-094-8412

First aid kit with insert, ether use it for it's intended purpose, or I find the plastic insert is perfect for holding small jars of gun oil, clearner and grease. The pouch does have a small gap on each side, but it's not a big deal. It's got a set of grommets on the bottom that are for the wire hook items. Usefull item.

AN/PRC-127 RADIO POUCH 8150-01-276-4810

An obscure item for sure. This is the pouch that was issued with the AN/PRC-127 radio. As I am a Ham Radio op, I like to take my Ham Radio HT with me. It's a bit big for Vertex Standard/Yaesu radios, but I stuff the bottom with field dressing bandages. I put it on my buttpack so the antenna is in clear air. Works well


When the big brick AN-PRC25/77 Radios were replaced with a smaller radio, this was made to put the radio on the side of the Alice packs. But it's usefull for other things. It's like a pack expansion kit. Add more pockets to your rucksack. Obviously the design precludes use on the pistol belt.


The matching black holster for the AN/PRC-148 radio. I much prefer the previously covered AN/PRC-127 green radio case over this. The sides are open on this one and if you have a small radio and need to pack the bottom to make it fit, the small radio would just slip out the sides. But if your using a larger radio this would work just as well.


Comes as part of a set, with BALLISTIC LASER PROTECTIVE SPECTACLES and some peeper keepers (a cord to keep your glasses from falling off). The case itself is like a pelican case with foam inside. Great for perscription eyeglasses or whatever.


Another eyewear set. This set of eyeglasses is clear and has some dark lenses to put over it. The case looks less usefull then the other type as it does not look like you can use it for anything but the glasses with it's clamshell design

MS-2000 POUCH 6320-01-448-8340

This is a weird pouch, it's meant to slip over the shoulder straps on the ALICE or M1967 suspenders and ride above the Field Dressing pouch. It's to hold a very usefull distress beacon.

BCU CARRYING CASE 1440-01-069-0436

This is a pouch designed to carry the Battery Cooling Unit for the FIM-92 stinger missle.

Artic Canteen Pouch 8465-00-753-6490

This item has been around for a while. It started out with a wire hook, but at some point it got the M1956 clips. There was no reason to change it to nylon, Being that the Canvas was a major asset instead of a problem in Arctic weather, it's the a Canvas item but it is listed here because it was used for some time into the 80s and 90s. It's got it's own special cup and lacks the water treatment pouch. It's less usefull unless your going to face the frigid north. It can be used to keep warm stuff warm as well. I have seen a couple pictures with this canteen having the NBC cap on it as well.

CRS (Cold Weather) Canteen Pouch 8465-01-314-4286

This item came along very late, in 1988. It was a complete replacement for the old canvas cover and included and new canteen and cup. I have recently found some newly published Army doccumentation for this system. It describes some major issues atempting to fabricate the canteen (see below). Personally I love these canteens! They are high grade steel canteens, but they are not overly heavy. They are tough as nails and are extremely easy to take down for cleaning. The mouth is very wide and the entire cap part comes off. The system consists of the Canteen body 8465-01-314-4284, Cup 8465-01-314-4282, Pouch 8465-01-314-4286, and NBC cap and adapter 8465-01-364-7080. Interestingly the NBC adapter was not standardized until 1992. So there must have been a cap that went directly on the oversized canteen opening.

Detail high res photos of the CRS gear

Night Vision Pouch for AN/PVS-4 5855-01-040-3793 or 5855-01-039-2830

This is for the AN/PVS-4 night vision device, but it's usefull as a general pouch too.

Night Vision Pouch for AN/PVS-2 5855-00-832-6525

This is for the older AN/PVS-2 night vision device, but it's usefull as a general pouch too.

DAGR GPS Pouch 987-5010-001

This is for the DAGR GPS, But it's an awesome pouch for small things, stripper clip of ammo, documents, etc.

AN/PRC-68 RADIO POUCH 8465-01-157-1157

The main pocket is 8'' deep, 4'' wide and has a double-strap snap to secure the contents. Perfect for a walkie-talkie, flask,ammunition or other equipment. The side pocket is 7'' deep, 1'' wide, and secures with a hook and loop flap. The front pocket is 4'' deep and 3'' wide and also secures with a hook and loop flap. The big gromet hole is for the Antenna. This makes another good general carry pouch.


This is the case for the M2 Compass. Not much good other then for that compass.


Well here is a rare one, carrier for Redeye missle batteries!

LENS, ASSEMBLY, 3X MAGNIFIER 5855-01-423-0817

3x mag lens and pouch several night vision systems. The top is velcro closed. it's good for smallish things you may want handly and is padded.

NBC stuffbag 8465-01-216-6259

Has holes for the suspenders OR IIFS vest and alice clips for the belt. Officaly it's for NBC gear. But it's great for jamming full of whatever.

M16A1 cleaning kit pouch 1005-781-9564

These were made because the original M16s were issued without cleaning kits, and the buttstocks lacked a door to put one in.
These are great to put cleaning equipment in for most any kit that has a break down rod. The M14 cleaning kit as well as the M16 kit will fit in it. Good for pens and folded up maps too!

M14E2 cleaning kit pouch 8465-00-928-6768

These can be a bit of an expensive collectible. This is only good for the M14 cleaning kit as it's smaller and has small pockets adapter for each cleaning kit item. Most of these are from the 60s, but more were strangely made in 2008, perhaps for the M14EBR. The M14EBR lacks a place to put a cleaning kit. Strangely this may be the last USGI item made with an M1956/Alice clip.

XM3 Bipod Pouch 4th type

The 4th version of this was Nylon. The Bipod will fit the M16 barrel (if it's GI standard) and it fits the M14 gas cylinder. As for the pouch, I can't imagine any other use then the bipod.

AN/PSN-11 Carry Case 5895-01-375-7528

A larger GPS case for the older AN/PSN-11 GPS device. Has a myriad of pockets and rings for a carry strap. A very usefull accessory pouch.

AN PVS-7B Pouch

This is used to carry the large AN/PVS-7B goggles. It's a large pouch.

M3 grease gun magazine pouch/carrier 8465-00-705-2438

These are a Nylon version of an earlier canvas strap. These pouches by this point were used by tankers up until 1991 who still had M3 grease guns in the Tanks and APCs. It has the older style belt loop and a carry strap.

Bag, Textile 8105-01-368-6253

6.8 by 5.6 inch alice cliped pouch, Listed as a TEXTILE BAG? Not sure what it's exactly for.

Quick Release Pistol Belt Extender, Green Buckle 8465-01-457-8969
Quick Release Pistol Belt Extender, Black Buckle 8465-01-457-8980

These were issued very late in the alice years. 1998. These may be for use with the Interceptor vest when using ALICE LBE on it.

MATTOCK with Carrier 5120-01-363-3690

As typical sometimes, what is old, is new again. A mattock was issued starting in 1992 due to the regular entrenching tools breaking during extremely hard digging.


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