Nylon Small Arms Slings for Rifles, Carbines, and Shotguns

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This page doesn't fit with anything else on this site, but these are the traditional slings issued with the various small arms used by the grunts in the field. Over the years there have been quite an array of these used. There is PRECIOUS little information on these at times. This page will hope to recify that. This page will not include slings meant for rocket launchers, squad automatic or general purpose machine guns, or anything but a Rifle, Carbine, or Shotgun. (These slings are used on the M79 Grenade Launcher however.)

Sling, Gun, M1 "Seatbelt" 1005-00-654-4058 / Adopted in WWII / Changed to Nylon in late 60s

This NSN and nomenclature is meant for basic slings used since WWII. Most of which are in canvas. During the Vietnam war the specification was changed to a seat belt like green/brown hard but slick nylon. It is this that gives these slings thier nickname, "seat belt slings". These nylon slings were meant for the riggors of Vietnam. They were found to have some downsides. The nylon would slip ocasionally in the keepers during tight slung shooting and the C clip used rattled against the rear sling keeper. For the most part they are an excellent sling in the Nylon form however.

Sling, Small Arms "Silent" 1005-00-167-4336 / part number 8448770 / Adopted 1971

This is the first of two so called "silent" slings. This one was adopted in vietnam because the M1 Sling hardware rattled quite badly. It consists of just the very soft sling material and two buckles you looped the sling thru. It's cheap. It isn't much good for slung shooting. This sling is 52 inches long.

Sling, Small Arms "Soft Weave" 1005-01-083-8113 / part number 11833432 / Adopted 1979

The USMC was extremely unhappy with the silent slings due to thier training of traditional slung shooting. Once the supply of the old M1 slings ran dry the USMC began issuing this sling. It is just like the old M1 sling only it uses a mix of modern synthetic materials to soften the weave so it won't slip in the keepers. All the while being an excellent sling for slung up shooting. This is still current USMC issue for Riflemen. The specification states green. But they can be found in white or black for commercial purchase from the same makers that produce the millitary item. These slings are 51 and 3/4 inches long.

Sling, Small Arms "Silent" 1005-01-216-4510 / part number 12624561 / Adopted 1986

A revision to the silent sling for the M16A2. This sling is 54 inches long due to the slightly longer A2 buttstock and moving of the A2 rear sling swivel further to the rear of the stock. The Material is a little less soft as well. Current issue item.

M4 issue rifle sling 1005-01-368-9852 / part number 12011996 / Adopted 1992

Another revision to the silent sling. This one is made longer (74 inches) for around the head over the shoulder patrol carry. Current issue item.

ADAPTER, TOP SLING 1005-00-406-1570/ part number 8448471 / Adopted 1970

This is an adapter that allows top mount of the silent slings on the M16 rifles with fixed butt stocks for patrol style carry. If you had a carbine buttstock you would only need the triangle shaped piece as the Carbine buttstock has a loop on top for the sling already.

KIT,CLOSE QUARTERS 1005-01-478-0848 / part number 12956271 / Adopted 2000

This is a newer kit using some commerical items that replaced the earlier kit

Small arms sling, Carbine/Sub Machine Gun 1005-00-555-7152 / part number 5557152/ Adopted WWII / Changed to Nylon

This really IS the oddball in this list. The M1 and M2 Carbine as well as the M3 and M3A1 sub machine gun (grease gun) shared this side mounted one inch sling. In the 1970s this was changed to Nylon. UNLIKE the older one the nylon version does not have the quick snap front fastener.


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