My DR-130T and DR-430T mounted together

Of all my radios (excepting scanners) this is the one I have had the longest, I purchased this used way back in 1999 off a BBS buletin board back when I lived in New York State. However I was moving at the time and had it shipped ahead to here in Indiana. The ower said the transmit power was low but I could care less, as I was just going to use it to montior the 160MHZ railroad band. A task it performed admirably with it's 100 channel memory. (Railroads use 93 diferent channels) The radio has stuck with me for the long haul, having been mounted, or run in no less the 4 diferent vehicles and used on countless diferent antennas. I did eventually have the finals repaired, not for myself at the time, but so that my father WD9JAZ could use it. When I finaly did get my license it has withstood the sudden increase of extra transmit time. The MIC did not last however as the original EMS-11 broke (the mic was not in good condition when received anyway). A quick search on ebay netted a EMS-11 mic cast off from a DR-M06 user, and served mostly as my primary mobile rig, meter frequencies programed in with all those 160mhz railroad frequencies I often listen to. However recently, I moved this battle worn old soldier indoors, and eventually put up a rooftop antenna. Still works great.
Accessories installed
EJ-19U: 80 channel memory add on
EJ-20U: CTCSS decoder/tone squelch unit

Mods Repairs
MARS/CAP extended TX/RX
New EMS-11 mic
Repairs to Finals

Use and current status
100% Functional, Installed base for Ham use, Antenna is currently rooftop dual band fibre omni.