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The place for DR-130T, DR-430T, DJ-180T, DJ-280T and DJ-480T owners.

DJ-180T / DJ-280T / DJ-480T Reference Material
Alinco DJ-180T / DJ-480T Orignal Spec Sheet

Alinco DJ-280T Original Spec Sheet

Alinco DJ-180T / DR-480T Manual

Alinco DJ-180T Service Manual

DJ-180T channel display mode mod

DJ-180T / DJ-280T / DJ-480T extended RX instructions

DJ series Packet hookup instructions

Alinco DJ-180T / DJ-280T / DJ-480T Accessories

DR-130T / DR-430T Reference Material
Alinco DR-130T / DR-430T Orignal Spec Sheet

Alinco DR-130T / DR-430T Manual

Alinco DR-130T Service Manual

Alinco DR-430T Adjustment Points

Full Pin Out of Mic Connector on DR series radios

DR-130T / DR-430T channel display mode

DR series packet hookup instructions

DR-130T 9600BPS packet mod

Alinco DR-130T / DR-430T / DR-M03SX / DR-M06(T) Accessories

Opinion and Reviews
Quick overview and reviews of newer Alinco mobile radios
Quick overview and reviews of Alinco lowband mobile radios

My Old Alinco Radios.
DR-130T 2 meter VHF
DR-430T 70 centimeter UHF
DR-150T 2 meter VHF with wide receive
DJ-196T 2 meter VHF
DJ-180T 2 meter VHF
DJ-280T 1.25 meter VHF
DJ-480T 70 centimeter UHF

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