The Rarest of the this breed of mono band Alincos...and it's mine.

The DJ-480T is a very rare model from this era. I have only recently purchased one. I have never seen one listed on ebay or for sale at a hamfest. Perhaps people who wanted UHF just got a dual band DJ-580T anyway... HOWEVER A listing on QRZ.COM netted a used DJ-480T for $60 US. It was missing the tuning knob but I took one off the parts loaner DJ-180T I have. It's missing the belt clip so I will need one of those, and the battery retention clip is broken. So I will need to find another scrap DJ-180T radio.

The radio itself performs quite well on my 7.2V 2700MAH pack. At 2 watts I can work most any repeater in town. I am suitably inpressed with the radio for as little as I paid for it. Maybe the scrap DJ-180T will have a 50 or 200 memory expansion as this radio only has 10 memories, which is barely enough for 70cm.

Current Batteries and Charger (Shared with DJ-280T and DJ-480T)
2700mAH 7.2V EBP-20NXM NiMH (HC Baker)
1000mAH 12V KEBP22NH NiMH (Kendoo)
0700mAH 12V EBP-28N NiCD (Original Alinco)
EDH-12 DC Adapter
EDH-11 9.6VDC Alkaline AA battery pack
EMS-8Z Speaker mic
EDC-16B DC to DC cable with filter
EDC-37 DC power cord
Three EDC-49 slow chargers
Accessories installed
EJ-17U CTCSS Decoder/Tone Squelch

Small cosmetic parts replaced

Use and current status
100% Functional, 70cm use