ALINCO Lowband Mobile Radios

DR-M06T and DR-M03SX
These first generation lowband 6 and 10 meter radios use the 30 series mobile chassis and share acessories with the 30 series mobiles. As with many first atempts they had a few quirks. The heatsink is small, very small, With a indentation and mounts where a fan could go, but none was ever provided. The main knock on these radios is they don't have much punch. 10 watts FM is just not enough for groundwave communications. 10 watts FM is plenty via skywave however. Esentially these are DX only radios. So these might be rather useless at the low end of the cycle unless you catch Sporadic E openings. 10 meter radio had the aditional disadvantage of FM operations being in a narrow band. The 10 meter DR-M03SX ended up being not all that usefull most of the time.

Trading the small heatsink for the larger heatsink found on the DR-130T and a diferent power output module brings us around 20 watts. Much more usefull when using 6 meter groundwave, eventually the EMS-11 mic was swapped for the EMS-55 mic which is similar to the EMS-56 and EMS-57. This was still sold new until recently.

An updated and uprated 6 meter radio. Nice 50Watt PA. Shares the chasis and all the bells and whistles of the 35 series. Alinco has a 6 meter legend on it's hands here. Third time is a charm!

An updated 10 meter radio. A definate step backward. Supports only Narrow FM for a band that runs Wide FM. Still only 10 watts, and all of the old drawbacks. While it does share the 35 series chasis all of the neat features of that series were removed. POOR EFFORT ALINCO!