My DR-130T and DR-430T mounted together

My only 70CM rig. A recent addition, Late fall 2006. Compared to the common DR-130T it's 70CM relative is rather uncommon. I saw one on Ebay with some minor defects (listed as cracked display and dirty) so I took a chance. Imagine my suprise to find that the cracked display was simply the peal off cover for the display the orignal user had never bothered to remove! However, the backlights are out on it. Likely a loose connection I can fix when I enevitably crack it open to install accessory boards. Otherwise it has turned out to be a superb rig. It's primary use is Ham, but I have been using it to pick up Railroad rear end telemetry devices to alert me when a train is nearby

Update! I swapped some radio around and this radio is now inside, I find I use UHF more at home. It being inside will also allow easier repair of backlight, when I get around to it.

Accessories installed


Use and current status
100% Functional, Installed base for Ham use, Antenna is currently rooftop dual band fibre omni.