ALINCO DR-130/430/M06(T)H/M03SX orignal accessories

EJ-19 80 channel memory upgrade board
Gives you 100 total channels, M06/M03 come with this standard. WELL WORTH THE UPGRADE!
EJ-20 CTCSS Decoder board
Adds CTCSS decoding to the Radio. Can be costly. Buy only if you need it.
MB-130 Bracket
The mounting bracket
HK-130 Hardware
Screws and such for the backet. Don't bother. Go to the hardware store.
EMS-11 is the DTMF version, EMS-5A is the euro non DTMF version, which inexplicably also came wih the American DR-M03SX. The orignal mics for these unless you have a very recent DR-M06TH which comes with an EMS-55 mic. See below for more MIC comments
A power cord with fuse

ALINCO DR-130/430/M-06(T)H/M03SX non orignal accessories

Replacement Mics
Most Alinco Mics from the entire DR/DX series are interchangeable to a degree. Most any Alinco MIC with the 8 pin jack will work just fine. The major exception being the mics for the DR-140/605 mobiles because of course they have an RJ style jack. Newer MICs with remote functions can be used but the remote function on the MIC won't work. Some of the backlit mics might function but not light up. Some Alinco MICs have a button on the back to slide into a mic holder, others have a hook. The EMS-14 desk mic also functions perfectly on these models. So if your old Alinco mic gives up the ghost, shop around. Good choices are the EMS-55/EMS-56 for DTMF and the EMS 53 for non DTMF. The EMS-57 will work but a lot of the fancy functions on the mic won't function. AVOID the EMS-57A at all costs, it's a special purpose mic.

If you want to wire in a another brand is the wiring diagram.

External Speakers
While to my knowledge Alinco never offered an Alinco branded speaker, any 1/8 mono plugged speakers of 3.2ohms and higher will work. I recomend one as the internal speaker is poor