ALINCO DJ-180/280/480 accessories

BB0009Y Replacement Hand Strap
These allways seem to be missing!
EBC-3 Replacement Belt Clip
Usefull if yours lacks the belt clip
EDH-11 Dry cell case (6 AA cell)
This is a nice thing to have. It opens up in half and you can put in six 1.5V Alkaline dry cell batteries for 9VDC. These are great in a pinch. A rather common accessory.
EDH-12 12VDC car lighter power adapter
Another common accessory, it is a small slide on with a barrel plug for a car adapter
EDC-16B Filtered Cord for EDH-12
Cord for EDH-12 with Alternator noise filter and Cigarette Lighter plug
EDC-43 Unfiltered Cigarette lighter plug for EDH-12
Original cable for EDH-12, the filtered cable is much better
EDC-49 117VAC wall charger
These come with the radio, it's a drop in charger, works great with NiMH batteries!
EDC-45 117VAC quick charger
An upgraded charger, though I now cannot recomend it. Fast chargers and NiMH batteries do not mix well
ESC-18 Softcase for use with EBP-26N
ESC-19 Softcase for use with EBP-28N

Softcases for both battery sizes.
EJ-13U Replacement DTMF encode unit
Standard with american versions, Usefull replacement if it wears out
EJ-14U 50 channel memory unit
EJ-15U 200 channel memory unit

Internal Memory chips that replace the default 10 channel chip, Well worth having!
EJ-17U CTCSS Decoder/Tone Squelch
Unless you have a Euro, or a rare commercial version, this is a standard option
EBC-06 Mobile Bracket
Some sort of bracket for your car, never seen one.
Various EME and EMS series two pronged mics, headsets, etc
Alinco portables use a standard two pronged mics. Pic any one of the OEM or Aftermarket mics and they will work.
You can also use a 3.2ohm or higher speaker with a 1/8 inch mono jack in the speaker jack.